Thursday, September 6, 2012

a little research on diy ombre

So. I'm think about ombre-ing my hair. But I don't want the all over ombre, I just want it in portions, like ombre highlights. Basically, I've caved into temptation after seeing all the pretty pictures of fancy braids and how those with highlights in their hair have their do's show up so marvelously:

A Bit of Definition


As a first-timer, I want something more subtle and something that doesn't require much upkeep (not to mention limiting damage), so I think I'll aim for gradation into soft brown and then maybe take it futher into blonde or colored territory, depending on how that goes.

I've been looking online and have scanned through a lot of DIY tutorials; some say to use a bleach + developer (the higher number indicates greater lift in shades of color), while others just go for blonde hair dye kits containing bleach. Still unsure on which way to go, though I suppose they can't differ so much.

The Bleach + Developer Camp

jamie's diy tutorial @ moderndaymoms

click on images to head to the source
alexis coronado / chromamesilly / all-dat-jazz

The Dye Kit Camp

DIY Ombre Hair from So Capricious (pictures are actually her first try and then the second try, since it didn't come out as obvious as she wanted):
Gradient, Dip Dye, Ombre Hair DIY - How To, Tutorial (6)

Caterinairis' DIY tutorial using blonde box dye:

I really like the color that turned out in the above picture. (It looks a little different in the other picture she has on her blog post though.) She had a good tip to keep hair from getting brassy, which was to make sure your bleach is blue-tint based. You can check what brand she used

some ideas of what i want :

go subtle or more obvious?

the nice gradation

Minka Kelly Cosmopolitan Magazine 2

the golden threads / highlighted pieces look

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