Thursday, October 18, 2012

I've Been "Found" and Featured on RedBubble!!!

Okay, so I'm kind of toward the bottom, practically in October 17th territory. Still jubilant!!!

Yes, I've been "found" and featured on the RedBubble front page!

Or rather, my giraffe has.

My original photo, Stiff Sentinel ( Giraffe in Profile ) © emiliewho 2012


Really, when I found out at 3 a.m. last night, all these e-feelings just bubbled up and rose inside me and I basically rolled around on my bed, unable to contain myself. Ecstatic. Elated. No shortage of rolling!!!

(And yes, 3 a.m. This is what my body does when it does not have boundaries! I should feel a little more chagrined, but right now I'm rationalizing with the fact that I got to see the RedBubble e-mail about being featured as soon as it was sent to me. So timely.)

I was SO surprised and SO thankful, because in reality I've done very little marketing or connecting on RedBubble, which I've read is as much a community site as it is a selling site. I've really just been spending my time working on trying to get enough things up - going through my thousands of images, selecting the best ones, going through those again, and then all the minute editing and readying. The whole process takes me a really long time, which is why I only have twelve or so things up in my RB shop! I still don't even have a profile user icon up yet!

So I've no idea how my picture got to the higher RB powers that be, but I'm super gratified and thankful. What a feeling! It's amazing to have one's creative work given a little "official" nod. I was actually getting a bit discouraged about my photo art, but now I feel like all the hours I've put in have been acknowledged. Thank you God, and thank you interested RB staff viewer!

Btw, for those who don't know, RedBubble is a free, online site where anyone can make an account and sell their artwork. It's a "Print on Demand" site, which means you upload your image files, and they take care of the rest, all the production and distribution. They sell a bunch of things, from T-shirts and stickers to iPhone cases and calendars; most of my work is available as cards, prints and posters. To get details on what exactly you're buying (what's the paper, the ink, the quality? etc.), you can just click on the little, encircled question mark that appears in gray with text like "Posters Info," right below the big, red "Add to Cart" button.

I've only got things up in my Tanzania collection, but I'm working on images from Asia and America too. To see more of my work or purchase something, please visit my RedBubble Shop (the shop shows a random assortment of items, but you can click on any image to see all the product options available for that specific image): 
My stuff on RB, currently only the "Out of Africa" Collection.

 My personal favorite out of the photographs that are currently up is probably this one:
Won't Back Down ( Baby Zebra in the Wilderness )  © emiliewho 2012


If you've read this, thank you for taking a look and sharing this happy moment with me!

Other than putting up photographic work on RedBubble, I also plan on putting up art illustrations on Society6. And I plan on doing a post explaining what I've found out so far for other people interested in sharing and selling their artwork, so you can look out for that as well. :)


  1. so cool!! i've never seen this!! and they are beautifuL!!!

    1. thank you!!! hahaha i just started and didn't post up that they existed yet cause i wanted to get more stuff up first. which picture do you like best so far??

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