A twentysome (also called a vicenarian, apparently - thanks, Wiki!) just beginning to figure things out, I'm a big-city dabbler with a girly small-town heart currently dwelling in the suburbs of Southern California. With a wide taste for the creative, my ability to obsess over detail is rivaled only by my hyperaware proclivity for getting diverted. Toss in a big helping of the stereotypical "What am I doing this for?" and "Is this amounting to anything?" post-college undercurrent, and you get a picture of the sort of whirlpools this emiliewho falls into.

          But despite everything I don't know, I do have this: I'm happy, I'm beyond blessed, and I see no good reason not to continuously try and be better.

          The birth of this composite blog comes after many a toppled single-interest site. If you'd like to see the legacy of emiliewho, feel free to roam the following:
  • songprints :: From 2010-2011, I spent a year in Seoul, South Korea for an independent research project on local popular music and culture. With a focus on song lyrics, I made this blog to record lyrics and translations, as well as to share my thoughts and research findings. Has since expanded to include popular music culture outside of K-pop and articles I've written for other sites.
  • more than gold :: The personal blog I started for my year in Korea. Contains some expat experiences and one awesome jjimdak recipe. Title lifted from a line in "Never Alone" as sung by Lady Antebellum. May be resurrected for some other purpose in the future.
  • illustration via wix :: Had so much fun building this site using Wix, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) site builder. Unfortunately, it is flash-based, and given the way the internet was moving plus the rise of mobile wasn't a practical platform to build upon. Love the ease and dynamic features though.
  • art via wix :: Created during the same time period as the illustration one (above). Made both of these during the semester I had before college graduation, actually. This one houses more traditional fine art styles, whereas the one above is very fanciful children's illustration oriented.