Tuesday, August 28, 2012

favorite mochi: mikawaya daifuku

Mm mochi.  

Stare at my soft mochi swirl and be mesmerized. Like so: @_@

I first stumbled upon this mochi at a little Japanese grocery store near church a couple of years ago, and it has been one of the most fortuitous food buys of my life! From the first perfectly textured chew I was smitten, and Mikaway's yomogi daifuku is now my favorite, my go-to mochi.

It's a very simple and traditional variety, filled only with smashed, sweetened red bean. But here that's all you need. The proportion of ingredients are extremely well balanced (none of that all skin, no filling nonsense), and the product is pristinely made. No lie, the skin is so soft and smooth, I could rub it against my face all day. Upon which my mother would again exclaim in disgust, "Tai ke pa!," but no matter!

Now you see it. Now you don't.

Mikawaya sells these fresh-made sweets in packs of four, and the first time I bought it, I got the pack that was half plain white rice skin and half yomogi green skin. Yomogi is Japanese mugwort, btw. Both are good, but more than any flavor, it's a matter of texture. There's just something about the yomogi one where the chew is more distinct. Not in a tough way, but in a way that emphasizes the freshness of dough, what the Chinese speaking would call "QQ."

I was pretty despondent after finding that they no longer sold them at the little Japanese grocer, but I've found them yet again in a corner of my local Mitsuwa. Ah, the feeling of unearthed treasure... I remember that moment of elation well.

This is what they look like in the store! minus one :X

Anyway, I've extolled these enough. Next time you see these around, make sure to grab a pack! They're a little pricey at the five dollar mark, but they're a hefty size (much larger than the ice cream filled ones the Mikawaya brand is known for) and more than a mouthful (unless you have a mouth like my dad). Let me know your favorite mochi!

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