Tuesday, September 4, 2012

much-too-full weekend

Stomach-speaking wise, that is. Two of my cousins visited our family this past weekend, meaning we went out to eat every night and practically every lunch. Maybe we should just call it every meal. Anyway, the crowning glory was our outing to Newport Seafood, the requisite restaurant to dine at whenever any relative comes to town.

There is always a loooong line, crowds outside the door, and at rush hour, it's a good idea to come in at least an hour early to get your number. We forgot about that and got our ticket before 7 pm for #81. They were at number thirty or forty something... we got in before 9. And this was the main reason everyone was waiting:

We always get the lobster, beef loc lac, sweet n' sour catfish soup and stir fried pea sprouts. This time we got a package that included basil clams and kung pao chicken, and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually really liked the chicken! Usually kung pao chicken is too dry and gamey for me. Must've been all the oil :X

The only disappointment was that the seasoning and lobster egg was much less than we've ever had before (well, and the tea too, but we all know we're not here for the tea, so that's forgivable). Usually the entire platter is loaded with this green-onion-garlic-fried-bits goodness, and there are little plots of bright red lobster egg littering the plate. Let's hope it was a demanding holiday weekend thing and chalk it up to the overload of customers, not a decline due to popularity.

Picturesque lanterns, check. Photo-op spot, check. Black peppery lobster goodness, cheeeck!

If you've never gone, I definitely recommend Newport for a special gathering or occasion. My family and I have been going to this place since we moved to CA back in the early 2000s, and somehow it's managed to keep its no-nonsense bustling Chinese air despite a move to a bigger location and hefty upgrade in the decor. The place can be a little pricey but definitely isn't stuffy, and there's plenty of the clatter and chatter you want and expect in a healthy Chinese restaurant.

See more: Didn't know they have a supernice website now! You can take a look at the menu and pictures for yourself at Newport Seafood or peek at their stellar score on Yelp.

one more for the road!

Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend! Let me know what you did :) I will quote this from my friend Dorothy, because she knows and says these things much better than I do:
Thank you labor movement for today's holiday, my weekends, "40 hour" work week, healthcare benefits, paid time off, and having students because they are not working in factories! 

Shoutout AFT - American Federation of TeachersHong Kong Confederation of Trade UnionsAFSCMENational Education AssociationRestaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United), and all others holding it down for us working folk!

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