Tuesday, November 27, 2012

read #oftheday: you owe me

Just read this article sent to me by a friend, an account of a woman who teaches writing and poetry to children with cancer. The material itself is sober, but she paints a picture that is honest and beautiful in the lives that she captures. Not that all this is simply for us to get something out of, the purpose of others' suffering being the "lessons" we reap from them, a perspective the author brings up and despises. But it just makes you think. The account of these lives and these children and the strange hand of life in general, and where and how you ended up in another place, somehow. What that means or what it should mean, if it should mean anything.

Anyway! Permission is only allowed for linking to the article, so please click through:

You Owe Me by Miah Arnold
Michigan Quarterly Review
University of Michigan Library
vol. L, no. 1, Winter 2011

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