Friday, December 14, 2012

tonight, we pray for healing

To be honest, I don't feel much like posting up something about this. Not just because it's so tragic or even the discomfort of attempting to speak in the face of grief not your own, but with so many voices clamoring in the wake of something so horrific yet over and done, what can really be added to the conversation? You know nothing said or done can help, especially when one is in the place of an outsider. It almost seems disrespectful to step in and invade something, a senseless reality, you can't possibly understand. But it seems even more disrespectful not to acknowledge the tragedy, not just the event but all the lives it took, to act like it never happened, like lives weren't shaken and taken and unfeelingly entangled into some great big senseless mess.

As those who are in the place to do so help the community in Newtown to deal with this tragedy,  those of us from afar send our hearts and our prayers. And something we outsiders can do, in the midst of all this distanced craziness, is educate ourselves. Not to use an event for our own purposes, but to understand why it happened, how it could happen, what was involved in it and how we may be involved in the future. I don't know very much on the details of gun politics, but maybe I should. Aside from reading the news coverage, I'm also reading up on things like statements leaders have released to get an idea of the issues at play, all these things that have surged up in the wake of insanity.

That said, I want to iterate that this post isn't to add anything, really. Though the past paragraph was pretty long, it was more of just an aside. I'm typing mostly just to say that though we can't understand what those involved are going through, our hearts are with Newtown. That's all. In the future, reparations will be attempted, as will making sense and explanation and investigation of things. Politics and laws and groups will play their part, and we hope they will do it honorably. But for now, just grieving together. Healing for the brokenhearted, binding for their wounds.

there's nothing to say in moments like this, so you just put everything down, your issues, your vendettas, your gadgets, and

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