Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{ illustrator } artist #oftheday: teagan white

I found this lady when I was browsing through Society6, the online art producer/distributor that houses a lot of great illustrators. Every piece of hers that happened to float up in the recommended images would catch my eye, so I quickly became familiar with the name Teagan White. Her style is sweet and understated, with an almost manga sensibility; she's got a thoughtfully cute side, like in Things Squirrels Probably Shouldn't Be Eating, but also a darker bent that comes out in her typography work, like in Only Skin.

Here's the bio from her official website:

Teagan White is a freelance designer & illustrator from Chicago, currently living and working in St Paul, Minnesota, where she recently earned her BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Her body of work encompasses intricate renderings of flora and fauna, playful depictions of cute anthropomorphic critters, illustrative typography, and everything in between. The subtleties of nature and reciprocal relationships between organisms are her primary inspirations, and her work typically incorporates flat, limited color, decorative arrangements of organic forms, and obsessive detail. 
Her clients have included Nike, Wired Magazine, Anthropologie, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Target, and many small businesses, independent musicians, and individuals. 
Teagan lives in the woods across the street from train tracks and a fox den, and spends her tiny amounts of free time taking photos, exploring forests, rivers, lakes, fields, and swamps, picking wildflowers, and collecting animal bones.

And here are some prints from her Society 6 shop I especially like:






To know more about her, you can visit her website's Info page or check out one or some of her many links { Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter / Etsy / DeviantArt / Instagram }. You can buy her art on Society6.

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  1. Fisher fox is my favorite! And Animal tea party! I like how she draws her animal head shapes... or maybe I'm just partial to red foxes! :) Thanks for the share!