Friday, February 15, 2013

new weekly segments for emiliewho?!

I tend to have all these ideas and draft posts for what I want on this site, as evidenced by all the category links up top. In an attempt to provide some structure both for the site and myself, I'm going to try doing alliterative weekly segments! They shall be as such:

  • Manic Mondays - Artsy stuff, either visual or related to music. P.S. From Wiki, didn't know the 80s song was originally written by Prince! "Lyrically it describes a woman who is waking up on Monday, wishing it was still Sunday." Haha, don't we all...
  • Tummy Tuesdays - Food! Reviews, recipes, restaurants, shameless drooling...
    • will also double as Tagging Tuesdays - Something that will require me to share something of my own, such as my photography, or something from someone else in the online blogosphere that I've gotten permission to share.
  • Wordy Wednesdays - Something related to the appreciation or use of language and literature. Or just some sort of reading material. Includes sharing articles, poems, stories or foreign vocabulary.
  • Green Thursdays - Posts related to health, sustainability/environment and the outdoors. Content involving wellness and nature for awareness, enjoyment and/or .
  • Olio Fridays - Random posts that may match the weekend, season or other timely events. Kind of a free day with grab-bag elements.

Of course, this is what I say and have planned for now. Let us hope the schedule comes into fruition!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day yesterday and finds a little more time to indulge this weekend. Spend some time outside as the weather warms up! And marvel at the sky but beware of flying objects :X