Wednesday, March 6, 2013

wordy wed #2: learn your latin

Haha oh no!!! I'm getting progressively later in my postings... No one noticed except me, right? At least, until I said it. x_x

The Merriam Webster website has pretty bad choices for words of the day, but they make awesome "Top Ten Lists" that include topics such as "Top 10 Unusual Phobias, Vol. 1" and "Top 10 Words for Useful & Intriguing Concepts."

Here's my favorite vocabulary from Top 10 Latin Phrases:

#8: Per Angusta Ad Augusta

What It Means:

"through difficulties to honors"

Where It Comes From:

These four words have inspired students and soldiers for centuries. Alternative translations include "through trial to triumph" and "through difficulties to great things."
The first known use of the term is lost in time.

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