Tuesday, April 9, 2013

how fitting for tummy tues - free cone day at ben & jerry's today!!

Hi, all!

Yes, emiliewho has been on a bit of hiatus with some very important things needing to be get done in the working world. The rest of my life has pretty much been put on pause to get these things done, but no one ever said emiliewho's afraid of a little hard work. ;)


Info from the official B&J website:

Free Cone Day is on April 9th! So, make sure you swing by one of our participating Scoop Shops and grab yourself a FREE cone. Cone Together logo Free Cone Day is something we’ve been doing since 1979 when Ben and Jerry celebrated their first year of business! Ben and Jerry wanted to thank everyone for their support in the best way they knew how; with free ice cream!

Once again this year we’re giving away plenty of our classic flavors as well as some of our new flavors like Candy Bar Pie and Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt. If you haven’t tried them yet, this is a great opportunity to give them a lick!

Looking for a friend to join you on Free Cone Day? This year we built a technological thingamabob to help you find the perfect friend to enjoy Free Cone Day with. So give it a whirl and Cone Together!
Needing to locate a participating Scoop Shop near you? No problem - just head to our Scoop Shop Locator and we'll hook you up!

I am sad that the closest one shop to me is in downtown. Why did they close the B&J at the local mall?! *shaking fist*

Everyone else, go and get your dairy on! A few sites have said hours are from 12-8pm for the free cone shenanigans, so try and time your visit in that window. Enjoy!

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