Monday, April 22, 2013

so heppyyyyyyyyy!! earth day + free national park week

Hi, y'all!

Yes yes, long time no see. Very sad.

But HAPPY EARTH DAY! Google has a charming little animation up that supposedly "underscores one of the Earth's most precious natural resources, and one that we in the United States may take for granted: fresh, clean, safe water."

Pretty adorable and fancy, it's an interactive graphic where you can play and pause the moon as the image cycles through the seasons. (Okay, it's really cute, but does anyone find the jerky, repetitive nature of the fish slightly creepy?? And trees could've done with a little more blooming. Just sayin'. :x Maybe it's just me.)

OH I JUST REALIZED you can click on the clouds too!! That's exciting. Snow!!! Ooh and the little hidey holes and the flowers too! Seems like when you click on a general area, the little wind curlicues come out to play as well.

Nice job, Google.

Also, this week is National Park Week, and from Monday the 22nd to Friday the 26th, all national parks are offering free admission! If you have the time and are able, get outside and enjoy (at least) one of more than 400 parks in our vast nation.

You can find a park near you through the NPS website, which lets you search by name, location, activity and topic. It's super hot in L.A. this week, so I'm going to have to make sure and slather on the sunscreen.

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