Tuesday, July 23, 2013

good deal: $1.99 incl. shipping at cardstore.com!

This wandered past my eye on the interweb and, deciding to check it out, was pleasantly surprised!

Cardstore is like an online Hallmark that holds a nice blend of contemporary and mainstream designs, with a lot of great customization options as well. You can include your own photos not only on the front but on the inside of the card as well. I walked through the process, and the online layout is appealing and easy to use.

IMO, $1.99 for a customized card is pretty sweet, and the deal includes shipping, though tax is added (so the final came out to be a little over $2). And the code applies to up to 100 cards :O. Belated birthdays, just because's, summer catch-up, someone on your mind...

According to the site, Friendship Day is August 4, so use the code and try Cardstore out before the promotion ends on Monday the 29th!

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