Friday, September 14, 2012

arrived! model 21 tester lashes

What's better than receiving packages in the mail? Receiving something that came for freeeee!

So the story goes - when I was in Korea, I kind of got obsessed with eyelash extensions. Okay, maybe not exactly obsessed. For the year that I lived there, I only got them done two or three times. But I reeeally liked them, so much that I bought a kit with all the supplies to do it yourself through Gmarket, South Korea's eBay/Amazon. (Note: I do not recommend doing them on yourself. It is possible, but not recommended.)

It depends on your eye shape and the placement of features for how much of a difference lashes make for you. For me, with my hidden Asian creases and more close-set eyes, they add a defining quality with a little cats-eye effect at the corners that balance out my features. Thus the hard to resist indulgence!

After coming back to America, I've toyed with the idea of trying out falsies to get the same effect as extensions without having to pay the U.S. price. I did a little research and the best deal I found, thanks to frmheadtotoe, was Model 21 lashes. They sell a box of 10 pairs for ~$8, lowest price. (It used to be less than $8, but they raised their prices a bit in the past year. Still a good price though!) Aside from their reasonable prices, I really liked how the lashes were not made in China. You can call me a little prejudiced, and I don't know if Vietnam is all that much better, but I have my theories :x

Model 21 lashes has a deal where if you buy 3 boxes, you get free shipping, and with 4 boxes you also get an additional box free. So I've been tempted and toying with the idea of purchasing for a while. But how to know if they actually fit my eyes??

Enter in some more internet lurking: About a week and a half ago, I was checking up their site and saw/half-remembered that they have a review program. If you host a blog, any blog amateur or established, you can contact them for a free box of tester lashes. As long as you agree to do a review for them, they'll mail you a box of lashes with five different types to try out. Score!

Thanks to this new little baby here (pets emilie-who fondly), I was eligible and shot them a quick little email. They responded in no time at all, and I received my box of lashes this past Monday! Continue scrolling to see the five different styles included in the box of Model 21 tester lashes:

lashes lashes lashes!!!
All laid out. The side of the box has the style numbers marked to help you keep track of what is what. 
The style I'm most excited to try out!
63 is a natural criss-cross look that's not too long for my eyes. I may have to layer to get the thickness I want though.
Once I buy myself some eyelash adhesive, I'll be trying these out and posting up a review with pictures!   Maybe a different look per day, if I can wake up early enough. Any recommendations on good eyelash glue brands?


  1. HEHEHEHHEEHEEE. I finded you. *waves*

    Also, this is the brand I have!! I have 4 different kinds but can't remember all their numbers. I like them a lot but I DOOOO have to cut the edges and shorten them a little big. My favorite most dramatic ones are these extremely thick ones that make me look like anime character. It's pretty great.

    1. hirooooooooooooo!!! ooh how long does a pair usually last for you? and what glue do you like?? i lahv the thick dramatic look, but they are expenseev which is why i'm thinking of trying layering. or using my lash extension kit to attach more lashes? hahaha

  2. oooo so resourceful!! TAKE PICTURES WHEN YOU'RE DONE PLEASE