Wednesday, September 12, 2012


the trail i took with two friends when climbing halla san on jeju island, s. korea

Just a few updates:

 A new layout!  
So I finally moved this blog over into a layout I've been working on for a while. Not that I'm really CSS or HTML savvy at ALL, as can be evidenced in the hours I spent trying to wrangle technology into submission, but I learned a couple of things trying to finagle this thing into looking decent enough for public viewing (will have a post on that with tips and resources later!). I wanted something simple that'd be able to run with all the varied content I put on here. I was getting impatient with all the things I wanted to post, so I defaulted to one of the blogger-provided templates, which was very fun but very pink.

 +a new category!  
Figured this category deserved a little slot of its own, even though it may easily spill into others like food and ramblings. Staying healthy and aware are definitely things I believe in and try to incorporate into my life daily. You can expect slimmed down recipes, fitness reviews, green living and other wholesome tips to be included in my new category, "health." :D *ding*

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  1. oooo how exciting!!! and i feel the new category is very you and something that's very important to you