Tuesday, November 6, 2012

it has come ... go vote!

So the big, bad VOTING DAY has arrived. The hubbub, propoganda and links galore are everywhere, but in case you needed a little more last-minute help, here are my recommendations. I'm all about easy (but truthful). :)

Whom should I vote for?

Still undecided and not sure what's going on? I know. It gets complicated and you're not sure how much to believe anyway, let alone keep track of all the facts/opinions being flung about. The best quiz I found for informing voters on issues as well as candidates was this one created by Project Vote Smart, a non-profit research organization located in the Montana Rockies that provides "non-partisan information on U.S. federal and state candidates, ballot measures, issues and legislation":
  • VoteEasy Quiz - Complete with sound effects and colored animation ;) It's really a great site though, touching up on a number of issues and giving a blurb of background information from both sides for each issue. When you take the quiz, you answer the question and then select the degree of importance to you. Each time you answer, you immediately get to see whom you match up with and how it affects your cumulative percentage, represented not only with a number percentage but visually with the picture of the candidate. You can click on the candidates and get a comprehensive comparison of how their answers stacked up against yours, as well as background info from their public record. Just try it - it's much cooler than me explaining!
        Imho, this is the best political candidate quiz I found, and I also tried ones provided by USA Today, iSideWith and ABC News. It does a great job of informing as well as measuring and showing you how your choices come out. They all overlap, but there's a slight difference in the questions and issues though, so it's not a bad idea to take more than one.
The VoteEasy Quiz. See how pretty?

Where do I vote?

There's a pretty awesome tool being provided by "U.S. Politics on Facebook," and you can access the app whether or not you have a Facebook account. Accurate and easy - just type in your address and it'll located your polling place complete with a map by Bing.

Going Local

And then there are all those other pesky things, like the Props! I'm in the Los Angeles area and googled "props by state," which gave me this nice cheat-sheet style article by the Huffington Post, where they provide links to other HuffPost articles on the 10+ issues:


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